(NOTE: Your mileage may vary on audio quality in the web version. If it's laggy or gargly, try downloading the desktop version below).

You're a raccoon in space that is working for Trash Panda Express. Your ship has crashed and some of its pieces have been scattered to neighboring planets. Use a jetpack to navigate zero gravity, avoid asteroids, and collect the pieces of your ship to win the game before your fuel runs out.

Made over five days online and in-person for Global Game Jam 2023, hosted by the Portland Independent Game Squad.


  • Keyboard
    • Walk/Rotate - A/D
    • Booster/Action - W or Spacebar
  • Controller
    • Walk/Rotate - Left joystick
    • Booster/Action - Bottom action button



trash_panda_express_v0.9_PC.zip 38 MB
trash_panda_express_v0.9_macOS.zip 48 MB


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Fun mechanics, good controls, really cute!

Thanks for playing Mark! Does the small planet vibe remind you of Mushroom Between Us at all?? 😆

This game has a vibe all its own but I get wanting to play more with small planets, they're just fun