Super Homies RPG is a game about finding a home away from home -- by making friends!  With WarioWare-inspired gameplay and beautiful hand drawn art, Homies is fun for all ages! 

Made for Global Game Jam 2019 (mostly) in Portland, OR at U of P, put on by the Portland Independent Game Squad. This year's theme was "What home means to you".

NOTE: There's a bug with the audio in Firefox, so either try the desktop version or enjoy the distorted speed metal version.


Keyboard: A/D or Left Arrow/Right Arrow

Controller: A/B or Left Trigger/Right Trigger

Escape to Quit


Pat Farnach - Development

Luis Garcia - Development

Daniel Kim - Music and Sound Effects

Jeff Nelson - Animation

Lucy Stevens - Art 


Download 95 MB
Download 92 MB


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What a brilliant concept!


Amazing job! This game is incredible! 26: Homie Master! :)


Thanks Peet!  That means a lot coming from you :)